First CS:GO coop Map

Been somewhat grateful that the csgo-sdk provides a First-Person-Game with an Map Editor: I decided to make my first map.

In the beginning…

Luckily the source-engine is super versatile. Having past experience in the back of my mind my first idea was to create a defuse map. At that time I only had ~250 hours on my belt. After some time it became frustrating even though bots helped me play-test my map. But all in all many mappers (including me) fall back to the standard 3-lane, “dust_2″ish layout. I decided to do something else.

Coop Gameplay

Valve released Cooperative Mission with the unregular release of their operations. I really liked the new gamemode. With a template .vmf file for this gamemode, I tried my best to create something that you could play with a friend.

Playtesting session with a friend

Get the map on the Steam CS:GO Workshop

Known issues:

  • Doge enemies in Dust2 section
  • Uncompleted map optimasation

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